The Beginning – 17 July 2016

The journey has begun. We spent this week waiting for our Zrii package to begin. The intention was to start it as soon as it arrived but unfortunately there were delays which meant it didn’t arrive until the weekend. We are giving ourselves a bit of a pat on the back because despite the delay and being mentally prepared for the Zrii program we didn’t derail ourselves. We had a great week eating clean and watching our calorie consumption. The effort and sticking with it has been rewarded and I am down 2.5kg this week.

Weekends for us are normally terrible as we love to eat out and enjoy all the wrong foods. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner Friday night and while we didn’t behave in the best way possible my husband and I did split a pizza rather than eat a full one ourselves. We are claiming this as a move in the right direction. We went put for lunch on Saturday but I researched some good options. We ended up eating at Aloha Poke and it was delicious and incredibly satisfying. We also discovered a new area of Singapore we hadn’t been to before.

All in all a successful week in the lead up to beginning the Zrii program this coming week.I am feeling like I am in a good head space to make this work and I now have all the items I need to get me there. We had a Zrii shake this morning for breakfast to get us started and make sure we know what we are doing. We will follow it up with a healthy food day and then tomorrow is GO!

week 1


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