The Official Start – 18 July 2016

After a soft start yesterday and a week of being health conscious the week prior, today was officially day one. It isn’t quite finished yet but so far so good. I began the day with an Espresso Shake which was delicious (I have added the recipe to the recipes page). With so much liquid in the morning I decided to combine the coffee with the shake and I think it will be my go to morning shake from now on.

The Amalaki juice says to eat on an empty stomach so we drank that as soon as we got up before we got ready for work. That worked well and provided some time before our breakfast shake.We need some practice getting ourselves organised for the lunchtime shake but otherwise the morning was easy. I put away the toaster and have placed the blender on the bench permanently to make things easier. The morning shake kept me going until 1pm even though I usually eat lunch at 12.

At lunch I had a Vanilla shake with 5 drops of coconut stevia. I am not loving the vanilla shake as much as the chocolate but the shake was still very drinkable. This kept me going until 5:000 when I started to feel a bit peckish. I had the Accell at 3:30 and I must admit that I love this drink, I enjoyed every sip.

We are trying to keep dinners low carb so tonight is grilled ginger and sesame chicken salad.

I have decided not to stress myself with exercise this week so that I can have a chance to adjust to the eating. My husband and I also decided that we will do the shakes for 2 meals during the week and then eat clean and watch calories on the weekend. I don’t want to be shake reliant forever so this is our plan to loose some bulk weight while still creating good healthy eating habits. I am still feeling like I am in a good head space to make this time successful.


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