I am going well so far. Only very early days and a very log journey ahead with lots of bad habits to break. I am feeling pretty pleased that I have made one change I always had trouble with before. In the past I would start the day well and by lunchtime and early afternoon I would have blown it an have given in to the temptation of other food.

One thing that has helped me is timing. The cafe located where I work has been closed for the holidays which means that the temptation to eat something other than planned becomes much more difficult. I am hoping that over the next 3 weeks before everything returns to normal I will have been able to make some good habits and avoid the usual traps.

I am celebrating a small success. I normally struggle to be honest with myself and I avoid tracking the bits and bites along the way. There are candies everywhere at work and I would usually much on them and then avoid adding them to my calorie tracker because of the disappointment  felt with myself. I have now for 3 days avoided putting anything bad in my mouth. I know this is a small step but it’s one I have always struggled with in the past so I am giving myself a bit of a high 5 for remaining strong and not deviating from the plan.

I have been obsessively weighing myself even though I know it’s not good for me. I have decided to weigh on Tuesday and Friday mornings as waiting a whole week at this point seems impossible. I needed to set days because I become obsessed and I really let the numbers play with my head. I will see how this goes and if it continues to impact my mindset doing it twice a week I will push it out to once.

I feel like I know my vices and I definitely know I have a good knowledge for how to live right. No I just have to make sure I see this journey through and make the lifestyle changes needed along the way.


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