Lessons Learnt Week One

I have lots to reflect on after the first week. I am completing my first official weigh in tomorrow but the first lesson has been easier than I thought. Ugly bad habits still sneak in from time to time but I am really please that I did Monday to Friday without a problem.

Firstly I want to talk about my feelings on the ZRII products so far. In the past I suffered from hunger pains, constant food cravings/thoughts and was generally feeling sleepy all the time. I can’t guarantee it was the products but my lunch time has pushed out to 1:20-2:00 where in the past I was desperate for food by 11:30am, I wasn’t constantly wanting food or suffering with cravings and my energy levels are up. The downside (if you can call it that) was I seemed to struggle to sleep due to the lack of tiredness, I think this will be fixed when I kick in some exercise and when I adjust to longer awake hours without feeling tired the next morning. The only other downside was that come Friday I was really wanting real food for breakfast and lunch.

The weekend was a test and Sunday was no where near as good as it should have been. We were out for drinks Friday though and I managed to stick with a low carb and relatively low fat option and although I chose to treat myself with some fries which I had been craving I did choose sweet potato fries in an attempt to make it the best fries choice I could and I shared them where in the past I would have eaten them myself. Saturday we were out all day and had to eat at the mall. We made great choices and went to Nandos where we looked up calorie amounts for the foods and both ordered grilled chicken, vegetables and corn. Surprisingly we felt really happy with our choice because we did the right thing but in the end it was delicious anyway.

Food choices for dinner were good all week but the recipes lacked flavour so I have chosen more carefully this week to make sure we enjoy the healthy evening dinners.

I will post me weight change tomorrow and will try to post more regularly in the coming weeks. Ciao for now.



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