Out of character patterns emerging

My day times are a complete change to how it used to be. The Zrii products I am using have really helped to curb my hunger and so far I think they are having the desired effect on my mind set. I am not missing the usual lunches I had at all. In the past I was always seriously hungry by 11:30 and counting down the minutes to try and wait until 12 so that I wasn’t starving again by 3. Since starting on Zrii I find my issue is that it gets to 2pm and I realise I haven’t had lunch yet. It’s not my intention to go so long without eating/drinking food but it does show that it really is working to stop the hunger and cravings.

Once of my biggest missions in this aside from loosing weight was to change my mindset for eating. I very much ate for taste and not for hunger. I really look forward to my dinners but I am learning that I can easily get through the day eating for nutrition. At this stage the routine is working for me. Breakfast and lunch is shakes and then dinner is a healthy low carb dinner. Weekends are no shakes and healthy choices. We are allowing ourselves one treat meal where we don’t calorie count or worry about nutrition and I am feeling very happy with the set up.

I am feeling good. I’m not seeing any difference when I look in the mirror (which is expected) but I am feeling better and I don’t think my clothes are feeling like they fit the same way anymore, in a very good way.

If you are looking for something to completely pull you from your habits and change your mindset I can say that the Zrii products really have done that for me. I know it’s still very early days but I am feeling good.


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