A week of celebrations

This week was my birthday so it was not as healthy as hoped. I am not beating myself up about it but I certainly didn’t make great choices at every chance. I did however listen to my body and I did not over eat. I went for brunch with my family on the day of my birthday and whilst I chose without consideration for calories, as I got full I pushed the topping off the bread and finished off with the healthier parts of the meal. I went to an amazing degustation for my birthday celebration with friends and was given no choice to choose here. On top of that it was a night filled with cocktails and wine. We did select the smaller of the two options however and when I received a special extra dessert with a candle I did share it with the table. So really considering it was my birthday I think it could have been a lot worse.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I am anticipating it won’t be great but fingers crossed it’s still a loss even if minute. I am finding the Zrii program easy to follow and my husband and I both looked forward to getting back onto the shakes today. I do look forward to the weekends and trying to make good choices but I am not finding it difficult to stick with the program I am doing.

Cross your fingers for me for tomorrow morning.


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