Temptations everywhere at work

We have a huge week at work and every day is catered for with mostly buffets. I would normally eat from them every day and none of it is healthy.

I did give in to temptation today but instead of feasting I had one finger food sized smoked salmon baguette and left half of the bread. That was all I had and then took myself off for my shake. I did not give in to the chocolate croissants or the raspberry cheesecake and the other day I did not give in to my favourite chocolate tarts. They didn’t tempt me at all. The savoury food however was a different story. I am wondering if that is due to the completely sweet days on the shakes. Whatever it is due to it’s good because normally I would have had a few of those mini choc croissants and tarts.

I am still feeling good and people are starting to notice. So far only comments are coming from those know I am doing the Zrii program but hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s obvious to everyone. My clothes are definitely sitting better. I think I will measure this weekend and re measure every couple of weeks or every month to see how I am going as well as on the scales.



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