Week 4

I am getting myself terribly confused thinking about how long we have been on this journey for. Thank goodness for the blog to keep me up to date with where I am up to.

I am aware that this needs to be a lifestyle change and that I am not on a diet but keeping track on these numbers is keeping me motivated for now.

I am still finding the weekdays quite easy. Work has been filled with food provided temptations and on some occasions I have buckled and eaten what was provided. I still made progress in breaking the old habits though. I took a small amount of food and had a taste and then returned to my shake rather than making a full meal out of the food provided which was not healthy options. Yesterday we had a delicious looking buffet and the fried Thai mango chicken was particularly tempting but I held strong and went upstairs and had my shake. It still surprises me that I am going strong because the idea of a shake for lunch would not have kept me going in the past. I am a huge believer that you need to be in the right head space at the right time with the right program to keep you going. Thankfully I honestly believe that is where I am right now.

The program has been fabulous for both my husband and I with both of us seeing weight loss of 6kg in 3 weeks despite both of us having birthdays and events to attend. It hasn’t been without it’s issues as I have struggled with customer service with deliveries and use of the website but if you are interested in trying this product I recommend you contact Trina Lambert from Zrii Australia https://www.facebook.com/zriiaustraliaau, When I have been at my wits end customer service wise in Singapore she has kept me sane and got things sorted. I otherwise highly recommend these products if you are looking for something effective without starving.

We are starting week 3 of Zrii and week 4 of breaking the old ways. I am excited and ready to go.


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