Food Glorious Food

Uggghhhh… this afternoon was TOUGH!!!

I was consumed with the thought of loads of pasta for lunch today. I messaged my husband who reminded me how well we have been doing and also said that if it’s too much for one day then it’s ok to have food from the work cafeteria today and get back on to the shakes again tomorrow. The problem was I wanted a mountain of pasta but knew this was not a good choice. I also knew that if I got pasta I wouldn’t eat a sensible serving and would most definitely consume the whole serve given. The voices in my head consumed me for ages with the bad voices telling me to just give in today and have it and the good voices telling me to try and hold out a little longer and see how I went.

The result was I pushed through as long as I could and then went to see what was available with the hope of making a good choice. The great news is that after delaying heading down the choices still left were what everyone else left behind. When I looked around with what was there none of it was the pasta I was craving and none of it looked amazing so off I went to drink my shake.

In the end it was another hour before I even had the shake because I had mentally moved on and then forgot I needed to eat. It goes to prove that my craving was boredom and habit based rather than my body actually needing it. I am sure I won’t always be so victorious against those evil voices in my head but this time I will celebrate the win.


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