Round 2 Starts Now

Ok, time to get real. It’s been a few bad weeks and it’s time to start again.

Trying to pull myself back on track has not worked so I have decided that is the close of round one and I am mentally starting again. This will be round two.

Round one was a success but could have been better. All up I lost 7.5 kg which I am very happy about. The Zrii products are great and aside from the obvious benefit of losing weight I have been able to change my mindset for food during the week and my skin is looking healthier to the point there has been a few people comment. Some days are difficult but on the whole I am finding it all pretty easy to stick to during the week. Having weekends off is definitely the right thing for me to continue doing however I need to try and control my eating a bit better during these times. My clothes are fitting better and some are even starting to look a little bit big. I did a clean out of the wardrobe to remove some of them and some of the older stuff to make room for when I can bring the smaller clothes in. This round did not see a dress size change as far as needing to put a smaller size on but everything is definitely fitting much better or feeling a little loose.

My learning from round one:

  1. I suffer very badly with boredom eating and need to find things to fill my weekend times to avoid derailing every weekend.
  2. Alcohol is not helpful. We have had some big social events the last few weekends and while the drinking itself is not so bad the next day when I crave junky food and have zero will power does. There are still some big events coming up but I am going to try and be better with managing the day after.
  3. Without preparation I am a mess. If I had healthy food prepared for the day after an event I think I would do better managing the day after drinking binges.
  4. Tracking is my key to success. I do much better when I track everything. It seems to keep me focused and on track.

In reflection I am disappointed that I didn’t make the best of the first round however I am still pretty happy with most of my efforts and the results. I am incredibly happy with the Zrii products and look forward to continuing with them in round 2.

Round 2 will also see the commencement of exercise with the healthy eating. I start tomorrow with the PT and I am really looking forward to it. I need to research and find some healthy high protein snacks to make sure I replace calories burnt so that I don’t run too calorie low. I am going to research some options today and prepare them this week. In the meantime I have set myself up with some manufactured protein bars to get me started this week. I am a pretty clean eater so this is not the way I want to move ahead long term but it has me prepared easily for this week.

So, here I go on round two. I am looking forward to this round being even more successful and it seeing me need to move clothes out of the wardrobe to be replaced by the ones stored that didn’t fit right anymore. I am excited for my new wardrobe.


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