The Overweight Exercise Trap

I started exercising today with a PT who I am going to see twice a week. It felt good to get moving again and to feel my muscles working. It was a gentle start which was good but I am sure I will still feel it tomorrow.

It got me thinking about the mental games I play with myself with exercise. I was incredibly sporty at school and captained school teams and even made state selections in some. Knowing this I always fail to understand why I find motivation for exercise so difficult to come by. One of the issues I have is boredom. I find it tough to do cardio exercise because I am bored out of my brain within 5 minutes. It is always for boredom I finish rather than exhaustion. I am still not sure how to over come this. I love gym classes but unfortunately I have a very bad knee from those years of sport early in my life that making doing those classes a challenge.

The other issue I have I am sure I am not alone in… I am self conscious of my size and how out of shape I am in body and fitness. It feels like I will stand out like a beacon among a sea of skinny people who are judging me for letting myself get this was. Realistically I know it’s is not the case but it is the story that comes to my head any time I contemplate group exercise.

One of my biggest roadblocks I put in the way of exercising is the whole changing and showering saga. This turns me off time and time again because I can’t be bothered with the whole process. If I could magically spin around and be changed and ready to go I think I would be much more likely to hit the gym or pool. I am not sure how to get past this as I don’t see any way to make this happen. I just need to find a way to put my want to look and feel better above my laziness.

I feel good for making my way to the gym today and hope that my PT can find some time to fit me in tomorrow as we missed Monday due to public holiday. Now I have to work out how to get moving when he is not available.




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