A little slow restarting

I am doing a terrible job of re-starting.

This is typical of me that I stall and then completely undo everything good I have already done. The good news is this time my stall is just maintaining the good work I have done. I reluctantly weighed in this morning expecting to see a gain but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am where I stopped part 1 of the journey.

So, here I go again I am feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

I am still finding the shakes very manageable and I have no issues during the week sticking to my shakes and healthy dinner. That being said I so sometimes give in and eat from the work cafeteria but that is rare and rather than feel annoyed with myself I choose to reflect on the positive changes made. One lunch out of five is not really an issue when it only happens every so often.

I am feeling similar to this with the break and restart. I feel that it has been a necessary part of my journey as times like this are always going to come up. The important lesson I am taking from it is that a slight slip doesn’t have to be the beginning of a downhill slide. I am motivated and back into it again. I see the PT is a few hours and look forward to ramping up this part of my journey now as well.



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